Latin & Ballroom Dance Lessons

I teach dance to individuals, couples and groups, for social dancing or competition.

With my lessons custom tailored to your abilities, and technique training and exercises to help you progress even faster, you’ll be able to dance quickly, and look swell on the dance floor.

Singles & Groups

I specialize in one-on-one & couples lessons. I can cater to your specific needs and skill level, to advance your abilities and dance technique, and take you further in your social or professional dancing.

I’m also capable of teaching multiple people at a time. Whether instructing a small class, or managing a large groups or parties, I can make sure everyone is learning to dance, and having a fun time while doing it.

Social Dancing

Pick your style, or styles; I’m certified to teach an extensive list of dances. Whether it be ballroom, latin, or nightclub, and many more. I’ve got years of instruction, competition, and social dancing experience to show you the moves you’ll need to impress everyone on the dance floor.

Gentlemen, if you don’t know how to dance, then please let me show you the way. Beyond dance, you’ll learn the confidence and the composure necessary to present yourself in social groups, entertain, and most importantly, dance with beautiful ladies eager to step on to the dance floor with a confident male dancer.

Ladies, if you don’t know how to dance, then let me share with you the subtleties of following. You’ll develop a new trust for your fellow man, in their ability to lead and guide you through intricate dance patterns and movements. I can help you learn to take control of your body; for your own personal empowerment, and to show off to the world your innate feminine beauty.

Competition & Performance

If you’ve got competition or performance dance in mind, I can help you. With my career of competition and choreography experience, I can develop refined routines for any occasion. My figures will please the crowds or judges. Including, teaching the techniques and exercises to perfect your dance skill.

Click here to read my credentials, Dancesport competition and teaching accomplishments.

Felipe CastaƱeda
(805) 636-4410