My name is Felipe, and I teach dance in Santa Barbara.


‘Dance’ is an inherent piece within a women’s body. If you are not yet harnessing this movement, then I urge you to start today. You’ll develop incredible core and leg strength, and discover new forms of trust and embrace in your dance partner, friends, or loved ones; all through the rhythms, pleasures, and story told in your dance.


If you haven’t discovered the joy and bounties of dance, then there is no better time to start than now. I can teach you to harness the power and balance within your body, to build the self confidence in yourself to step out onto the dance floor, and to approach a lady and invite her to dance.


Learning to dance is a great way to spice up any relationship, young and old. With your partner, you’ll develop amazing skills and qualities together, beyond just dancing, such as communication and listening, strength and balance, patience, and trust in your dance partner. Dance is a physically and emotionally powerful activity, and will add profound benefits to the connection between you and yours.

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